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Bottle-Bullseye™ was the result of one Dad’s desire to get his children and their friends to play outside one day when he was trying to work from home. Despite countless attempts to promote the mountain of games, toys and sports equipment that were readily available, nothing seemed to keep them occupied for more than a few minutes. Desperate to find a way to get some uninterrupted time to work, the kids were offered $ get help prepare for trash pickup day and to go around the house and empty trash-cans and get the recycle bin out to the curb. After over an hour passed performing this 15-20 minute chore, the perplexed Dad checked to see what they were up to and was surprised to see the sounds he had been hearing were the sounds of bottles being flipped around the house. Happy that they had found something to do but concerned that they would grow bored and wander away from the house, the Dad grabbed some old vinyl floor tile left over from the previous owners of the house and made a few targets for the kids to aim at. The players enjoyed playing for points compared to random shots and the rest is history!

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