Raff's Playland


Raff's Playland is a dramatic play center for children and their caregiver to play together in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. 


Bring dry shoes to change into from your rain and/or snow boots. 

Dry shoes only in the facility for safety, no sock feet or bare feet allowed.


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Five Reasons Dramatic Play Matters:

1. Teaches self-regulation

2. Give children an emotional outlet

3. Teaches conflict resolution

4. Supports literacy 

5. Allows you to support your children and encourage their ideas


What's Included?

Hart's Market: a grocery store with check-out counter, bakery, fishery, dress-up and carts/baskets to collect your food items with! 

Precinct 123: a police station with dress-up, jail cell and police accessories to play with.

Dino Fire Co.: our fire station with dress-up and firetruck you can ride in and has a fire hose!

Chase Animal Hospital: a fully stocked animal hospital with stuffed animals, dress-up, pretend vet supplies and grooming station! 

Mini-Duff's: our restaruant themed after a Buffalo favorite complete with diner booth, play dishes/food (including plenty of chicken wings), dress-up, pizza oven and more! 

Park setting with a bench and pretend duck pond.

Library with seating, fireplace, books and puzzles.


NEW to the Playland is the BEAM!!

The Beam is designed to allow our older visitors a fun play enviornment. It projects interactive games onto the floor of our event room.