Things to Know

Things to Know

At Raff's Playland safety is our number one priority. Please review these policies before your visit. Thank you for helping us make Raff's Playland a safe and fun enviornment for all: 

- We request that only sneakers are used play in Playland (no socks, boots, sandals, ballet flats, etc). No WET shoes.

- There is no eating or drinking in the Playland facility. Please plan your arrival accordingly around snacks and meals.

- Addmission is for the whole play session or PlayPod there is no re-entry at this time.

- We try to keep everyone at Raff's Playland healthy. We have a hand sanitizer station available for your use before & after you enter the play area. If you and/or your child is sick, we ask that you please stay home until you are healthy. 

- We have plenty of fun toys and items for your child to play with so we ask that you leave your own toys at home so there is not a risk of your items being lost, stolen or broken. 

- You are required to have a completed wavier before entering the Playland. This waiver is saved for future visits.

- There are no refunds on Playland admission, no exceptions. 


COVID-19 Procedures

Raff’s Playland is working diligently to provide a safe, healthy, and fun environment for our guests. Below are the ways we are following Gov. Cuomo’s mandates as well as following Eastern Hills Mall and CDC policies plus our own extra protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

  1. All guests will have their temperature taken (no-touch) to ensure they do not have a fever. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to enter. Refunds will not be offered, so please do a health screening of your own prior to booking your tickets.
  2. Masks are required for everyone older than 2 years of age, there are NO EXCEPTIONS due to NYS mandate and Eastern Hills Mall rules. 
  3. All tickets for the Playland must be purchased online prior to your arrival, as well as completing the Playland Waiver. Reminder, the Waiver is a one-time form and does not have to be filled out more than once per child.
  4. Due to the limited capacity of opening at 25% capacity and allotting for 6 sqft of space for each guest we are only allowing ONE adult per paid child. Please plan your trips accordingly. There is a maximum capacity of 20 individuals.
  5. We have taped off sections of seating that will be assigned on a first come first serve basis to prohibit others touching the same chairs as members not in their party.
  6. We have removed some difficult to sanitize toys and have placed social distancing circles at play tables to inform children that only one child/family is allowed per area.

Raff’s Playland has increased its usual cleaning/sanitizing procedures and will be providing the following:

  1. Staff will be cleaning high touch surfaces, as often as possible, throughout the play session.
  2. All toys have been cut in half so that at the end of every play session the played with toys can be removed and replaced with already sanitized toys and the played with toys will have time to be thoroughly sanitized.
  3. A sanitizer fogger will be used at the end of every play session which will mist the entire playland in food-safe sanitizing spray.
  4. Books and stuffed animals have been divided so we can rotate them with 72 hours of non-play in between rotations.