Below are the details for parties during COVID-19.

Only Offered On Saturdays


We Offer Parties!

During COVID-19 we are unable to allow any eating or drinking inside Raff's Playland.

The Playland will be closed to the public during parties and the party room is available for opening presents & passing out goodie bags. We also have the BEAM which projects interactive games on the floor for additional play! All rules and regulations must be followed for parties as they are for regular play; this includes, but is not limited to, masks being required for all individuals age 2 and up.

There is a maximum guest limit of 46 individuals. 

During COVID, in order to book a party you must have a minimum of 6 individuals.


Room Fee: $40 



$5/adult (18+)

Non-walkers are free, but are included in the maximum capacity count. 


Saturdays between the hours of 10am-4pm.

Parties are booked for 2.5 hours.

Please Note

All guests will be required to have the Playland Waiver filled out for their child(ren). They must fill out the waiver prior to the event online by clicking the button below or you can include the link below in your invite. Reminder, the Waiver only needs to be filled out once, so if they have previously filled out the Waiver they do not have to do it again. 

Link to include with your invitations:


Please call us for questions or to come in and book your party! 


Don't forget we offer Wish Boxes where the party child can fill a tote with all their most wished for items that guests can shop from. The items can be wrapped by staff and kept at the store in preparation for the party!!



If we can't eat and drink how do we offer food and desserts?

A lot of our parties have planned the meal portion of their party prior to coming to the Playland, often at their homes. Then have offered their guests boxed cupcakes to send home at the conclusion of the party when the guests are leaving the Playland. (This is also when goodie bags tend to be passed out as well.)

What sort of decorations can we use?

In the party room we have a stationary "Happy Birthday" sign that remains on the wall for all parties. We do not allow anything to be attached to the walls. You are free to bring table top decorations and/or balloons! 

​Can we come in ahead of time to decorate?

You may decorate ahead of you scheduled party but keep in mind we do not open until 10am and it must be on the day of the party. We cannot allow for decorating the day before. 

Why do our guests have to wear masks if it's just family invited?

According to NYS Mandate, CDC Guidance and Mall Management masks are required at all times, by all individuals age 2 and up while indoors. 

Can we hire a performer to entertain the kids?

Of course! We recently had Spiderman swing into a party. Just be aware they will count a guest.